Monday, March 6, 2023

Passing of Judy Heumann, Renowned Activist and First Director of DDS

The entire world is mourning the death of disability rights leader Judy Heumann, which happened two days ago, on March 4.  Here is AAPD's obituary covering her amazing and impactful career:  AAPD on passing of Judy Heumann.

In a couple of my blog posts in recent years, I called attention to her memoir, Being Heumann (Heumann at Politics and Prose) and to the film, "Crip Camp," celebrating the roots of her activism at Camp Jened (DDAM viewing of "Crip Camp").  

But besides her national and international accomplishments, Judy Heumann played an important role at the local level, reorienting DC's disability services and pointing the way toward the future as the first director of DC's Department on Disability Services (DDS).  This doesn't usually get as much attention as her many other achievements, but for us it was hugely important.  

Heumann's passing in Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month (DDAM) gives us an opportunity to celebrate her essential role in setting DC on the path toward inclusion and autonomy for DC's disabled residents. There won't be another one like her anytime soon.

Information about her March 8 memorial service (in-person and online) is here:

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