Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Where There is Hope

A few of my readers may be happy today, although I have a feeling most are feeling stunned, sad and scared, as I am.  It’s hard to feel upbeat about a president-elect who has mocked a person with a disability and bragged about assaulting women.  But as Hillary Clinton said in her speech this morning, we have to give Mr. Trump a chance to lead. 

What better way to show him the diversity of the country he will be leading than to make sure there are plenty of folks with disabilities – hey, especially WOMEN with disabilities – and disability rights supporters at his inauguration?  Not to protest – the time for that is past – but to witness.  If he intends really to change his tone and be a president for all the American people, he needs to know who we are.  I hope we can start talking about this, at tonight’s annual meeting of the Quality Trust, at Saturday’s Project Action! meeting, and at all our gatherings over the next ten weeks.  Put January 20 onto your calendar, now.

A little closer to home things may – may – be looking more hopeful.  I’ve written before about the Citizens with Intellectual Disabilities Civil Rights Restoration Act (click on the "Advocacy" label on the right), but to be honest I had lost hope that committee chair Yvette Alexander would take action.  Now I’m hearing rumors that she may be considering this bill as an important legacy she can leave as she rotates off the council.  I sincerely hope this rumor is true, for our community needs some good news over the coming weeks.  Councilmembers Alexander and McDuffie – step up and hold a hearing before Thanksgiving.  Give us something to celebrate in this unsettling season.