Thursday, May 25, 2023

Medicaid Recertification Happening Now!

Over the past couple of months you’ve probably been hearing and reading about the process of Medicaid renewal (recertification) that’s taking place now the pandemic emergency has ended.  This is going to be a very challenging process.  In DC, the process is being managed by the Department of Health Care Finance (DHCF), which is sending out renewal forms that will need to be returned by July 31, 2023.  Everyone should be on alert and watching for this form in the mail.  The name of the form is “Conversion Renewal Form,” which creates immediate confusion.  Here is the information from the DHCF website, along with a sample form posted online:

DC DHCF Renewal Form

The form itself is 62 pages long, although most people will only need to fill out selected sections. 

Winslow Woodland, DDS deputy director (, has clarified in a number of meetings that agencies providing residential supports in DC will be responsible for seeing that these forms are completed and submitted to DHCF.  Unfortunately, from what I can tell, anyone else receiving waiver services in DC will be responsible for completing the form with the help of friends of family, or at one of the assistance centers listed in the form.

DHCF has been invited to attend the DDS community form (contact to get the invitation) tomorrow, May 26, at noon.  Come with your questions!