Friday, March 6, 2020

Judy Heumann Rocked the Place! (and more)

What a turnout it was at Politics and Prose for the reading and discussion by Judy Heumann (  of her new book, Being Heumann (   The place was packed, and all the books sold out, as she read passages from her book and held a dialogue with former government official and rights attorney John Wodatch about her many accomplishments, including the 504 Sit-in.  I saw several people I know there, and many other activists and allies who turned out for this great event.

Coming back down to earth, it’s Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, and here are a few reminders about upcoming local events:
·       On March 11, it’s Quality Trust’s Better Together annual reception -
·       On March 12, the Family Support Council’s bimonthly public meeting -
·       On March 13, the Supporting Families Community of Practice meeting -
·       On March 19, the quarterly public meeting of your DD Council (
·       On March 30, the big Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month celebration -, and
·       On March 31, DDS will brief on its proposed budget for 2021 -

Surely you can make it to at least one of these!  If I’ve missed another local event, please leave a comment!*  And get ready for April, when the DD Council will host its second annual Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month event – watch this space!

* An earlier version of this post said there would be a Project ACTION! ( meeting March 14, but I've since learned the March meeting has been cancelled – next ones are April 4 and May 16 – come, join and learn!

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