Wednesday, March 18, 2020


On Friday I wrote about my concern that there wasn’t adequate information coming from DDS or the Bowser administration with respect to contingency planning about COVID 19.  On Saturday I called in for a remote townhall by the mayor’s office about general arrangements, but I was unable to ask my question about getting targeted information out to people with developmental disabilities.

Yesterday I heard from Andy Reese, director of the Department on Disability Services, who directed me to this link:  He tells me that there will be a letter coming out today for self-advocates and families – I hope that will be distributed widely, including hard copy where needed.  In the call on Saturday I learned there was to be a mailing to people served by the Office on Aging (or maybe to senior citizens generally, I was not sure).  This mailing also should go to those in the community receiving supports and services from DDS and DCOA under the IDD and EPD waivers, and I sincerely hope this message is being heard.

I’ll share information as I get it.  In the meantime, read this and distribute this information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) widely:

Please stay safe, and do your best to keep others around you safe as well, by practicing social distancing to the extent possible.


  1. Thanks for your leadership. Can we (you and I) host a video chat to brain storm and take actions on:

    Calling on and petitioning the Mayor and Councils to take needed action, to make certain ALL people with significant disabilitiesof ALL ages, races, Wards, get HCBS, food, etc., thru-out the pandemic.
    Mobilizing Neighbor2Neighbor support networks.

  2. The DD Council is mobilizing, along with others, to try to get these sorts of efforts moving. I welcome further comments from others, and please watch this space for more information and ideas. Carol


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