Thursday, May 9, 2019

The Road Behind, the Road Ahead

Two articles appearing in the Washington Post over the past week provided much food for thought for people concerned with disability rights. I’m usually very practically minded in my blog, but these have me thinking more philosophically, and I hope to inspire you to do likewise.

First, this obituary:  If you don’t know who Jean Vanier was, then you should read this concise story of his life end to end.  Vanier was a trailblazer in altering attitudes toward people with intellectual disabilities, and he left behind a model that lives on in L’Arche ( communities worldwide.

Second, this article from Sunday’s Outlook section:  This is harder to read, and introduces issues which risk dividing rather than uniting us.  I’m putting it before you in the belief that the article does a good job with a complex subject.  It’s only by grappling with such fundamentals that we can make progress together toward a world of greater acceptance and mutual support – such as Jean Vanier envisioned.

Read these, examine your heart, and move forward with courage.  Happy Mother’s Day.

My name is Carol Grigsby.  I share information and advocacy opportunities on issues affecting citizens with developmental disabilities in Washington, D.C., including my own son.  I currently chair D.C.'s State Council on Developmental Disabilities, as well as serving on the board of the Quality Trust for Individuals with Disabilities and the Family Support Council of D.C.'s Department on Disability Services.  Previously a member of the federal government’s senior executive service, I have lived in D.C. since 1978. 

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  1. Carol,
    This is unbelievable! Thank you for the two articles that are informative and provocative and thank you for the beautiful language you use in your blog.

  2. Thanks for reading, Sara! I appreciate the feedback.


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