Sunday, June 4, 2017

Good News

To quickly follow up on my last blog post:  Having written myself (as I know you did!) to the members of the D.C. council’s Committee on Human Services to urge them to restore cuts they had made to the DDS budget for FY 2018, I was elated to receive an email from committee chair Brianne Nadeau letting me know that those cuts had been restored!  Advocacy works!

But as I also pointed out in my last post, we need to create good news at the national level too, and that’s a harder slog  On June 6 at 11:30 beside the Capitol, there will be a rally by disability organizations - - urging the Senate to save Medicaid as it develops its own legislation in response to the devastating AHCA bill in the House of Representatives (  If you can possibly make it on June 6 for one hour out of your day, this is an important time to turn out!

I also want to make sure folks are aware that the Quality Trust’s 15th anniversary  gala will take place on July 15 at the downtown Renaissance Hotel.  Save the date! and contact Courtney Clark at or 202-459-4013 for more information.


  1. Hi Carol, thanks for keeping me in the loop as to what's happening in DC and at DDS while I've been away in Suriname for the past few years. I'm back in DC now and I'm sure I'll be seeing you around! Nice work!

    1. Thanks and welcome back! Glad you've stayed on top of things while you were away.


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