Friday, April 22, 2016

Today's the Day

Today is the last day that Laura Nuss is on the job at DDS.  Many of you are grieving, a few may be cheering, but all of us should feel a sober determination to move forward together to ensure DDS systems remain strong and the momentum for change continues. 

I heard Laura received a standing ovation at the Wednesday hearing on the Evans lawsuit – hailed by the judge and even by the plaintiffs’ attorneys for the progress D.C. has made.  It would be great to be able to say that the lawsuit is now closed, but from what I understand there are still some legal issues to work through and it’s going to be at least several more months before the page has turned.

Andy Reese will be acting director of DDS for a time, and I understand the mayor has launched a nationwide search for Laura’s successor.  I don’t know much about that process but have offered my opinion that there should be some significant local participation in the selection.  I certainly hope this will happen.

Best of luck to you, Laura, in your next chapter.  And now – shoulders to the wheel!

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