Wednesday, March 6, 2024


Yes!  This is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month (DDAM), and there’s a host of events that you can find right here:  DDAM 2024 calendar.  Coming right up, next week, are two special things to note:  

  •         First, get out there and celebrate at Lia’s near Friendship Heights, at Quality Trust’s annual Better Together reception, starting at 5:00 on Monday, March 11.  Here’s what you need to know:  Better Together March 11.  DO NOT MISS IT!  I want to see you there!
  •         The very next morning, self-advocates will want to attend NACDD’s Developmental Disabilities Capitol Hill Resource Fair, where you can have their say on an open mic about how the federal government and Congress can help you lead better lives in the community.  It’s 9-11am on Tuesday, March 12, in the Rayburn House Office Building.  More here and register here to speak at the event: Signup for March 12 on Capitol Hill.  Have any questions?  Contact Erin Prangley at

Okay, now everybody – self-advocates and others – Get your advocacy chops on and PLAN TO TESTIFY AT THE DDS BUDGET HEARING ON MARCH 25.  (At the same session the committee also will be hearing testimony on the Office of Disability Rights and the Mayor’s Office of the Deaf, Deafblind and Hard of Hearing.  Here’s where you can learn more:  DDS budget hearing March 25.  I haven’t yet found signup information, but while you’re getting yourself ready, have a look at this:  Background on the FY2025 DC budget.  And for a little more background in preparation for this hearing, you may also want to listen to the testimony (including mine!) before the Committee on Facilities and Family Services in the performance review hearing on February 23:  Video of Feb 23 hearing.  DDS testimony starts with Project ACTION! representatives at around minute 1:16:00 of the video and ends when DDS director Andy Reese concludes just before minute 5:25:00 of the video, with ODR and MODDHH before and after.  Committee chair Lewis George reminded us at the hearing that this is going to be a tough budget season, so it’s important to get to the hearing and testify about issues such as cost-of-living increases to DDA’s personal needs allowance, rent ceiling and grocery allowances – you can hear me address some of these around minute 1:43:00 of the video, with other witnesses starting around 3:05:00 addressing these and other important DDA and RSA issues.

I know you may not have time to listen to all this, and that’s okay!  What’s important to you?  Step up and testify!  I’ll let you know as soon as I hear where on the DC council website you can sign up to testify on the budget on March 25.  JUST DO IT!

QUESTIONS ABOUT TERMS OR ORGANIZATIONS I MENTION IN THIS BLOG?  CHECK OUT Key organizations and terms – and always let me know in the Comments if I’ve missed one!

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