Saturday, February 13, 2021

A Sad Passing, an Opportunity to Give

Many of you may already be aware that Tina Campanella, CEO of Quality Trust (, lost her beloved husband, Elton Hensley, earlier this month.  It was a sudden passing and not covid-related.  A lovely video tribute can be found on Tina’s Facebook page:

Those of us who have benefited from Quality Trust’s help over the years – which is all of you reading this if you live in D.C., and many others of you in the suburbs and around the country – grieve along with Tina.  (Full disclosure:  I have served on QT’s board since 2014.)  Nothing can make this loss less intense for Tina, but she asks that people show their caring by making donations in his memory to Quality Trust:  In Tina’s own words: “[Elton] was a devoted partner and avid supporter of me and Quality Trust.  Elton was very involved in helping with Quality Trust through the years in many ways.  In the beginning, it was Elton who created our first logo and website, made business cards and assisted me with anything I needed.  He was a positive presence at most all our events and became an important member of the Quality Trust community.”

Amen.  Respect Elton’s memory with a generous donation to Quality Trust, today.

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