Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Thanks for All of You

Through this difficult time, what has kept me stabilized and optimistic has been my interactions – even though virtual – with so many of you in various meetings and conversations.  The opportunity to collaborate with such well-intentioned and enthusiastic people, even when the issues we face are hard, has been invaluable. 

I know that some of you have lost family or friends over the past few months, and others of you have struggled with your health, finances and other challenges.  It may be hard to feel thankful.  I lost a family member back in the spring myself.  But last night I was watching a show about the meeting of the Plymouth settlers and the Wampanoag people that we’ve come to know as Thanksgiving, and I was reminded that that event came on the heels of tremendous losses for all concerned.  It’s a day of mourning for many Wampanoag, to this day.

Whether you approach this week in a spirit of mourning, or in a spirit of thanks – or both – take time to appreciate the people who live with you, who support you in person or virtually, and who work for a better world.

Thanks to, and for, all of you.  Take care, mask up, and stay safe this week.

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