Thursday, August 6, 2020

John Lewis Legacy

When I read my (print edition) Washington Post each morning over breakfast, I routinely flip past the full-page ads.  Today, though, page A5 grabbed my attention and held it.  A full-page photograph of late U.S. representative John Lewis is accompanied by the words, “I’m so blessed that my father’s story – as a servant leader and champion for civil and human rights – was shared with you, the people of D.C.” 

There have been so many tributes to John Lewis recently, but this one had a special, personal impact.  It was directed to us, the people of D.C.  We so rarely see ourselves, as people, recognized by anyone other than our mayor or other political leaders in our city.  Coming from John Lewis’ family, this acknowledgement sent a lump into my throat.

Just take a look yourself.  And while you’re there, you can leave a tribute to this great man at

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