Wednesday, June 17, 2020

And Now - So Much to Say!


The trouble with having written infrequently in recent weeks is that now, I suddenly can’t write fast enough.  This blog post is about a number of upcoming events and important issues – I know I won’t think of everything but feel free to add something in the Comment box below if you like.  Here goes:

-          TOMORROW! June 18 – will be our second quarterly DD Council meeting.  Last time we had a number of technical difficulties, but hopefully there will be fewer this time around.  On this page you’ll find the “Click Link to Join” button. 

-          On June 23, 3-5 p.m., Quality Trust will host another session in its Family Town Hall series, this one on hospital visitation in the era of covid-19.  Key information on registering is here and you can contact Rhonda White at for further information.

-          June 23 is also the deadline for testimony to be sent to the DC council’s education committee on the DC public library (DCPL) budget for fiscal year (FY) 2021.  The very bad news for our community is that there will likely be reduced library hours and even closures of a number of branches.  Write to and let the committee know we can’t let this happen!

-          I wrote in my last blog post ( about the issuance of regulations for the proposed Individual and Family Services waiver and for amendments to the existing IDD waiver.  Here is updated information on those, as promised:

o   New IFS waiver:  Note that there will be a public forum on June 24 and that comments are due by July 13.

o   Waiver amendments:  Note that there will be a public forum on June 25 and that comments are due by July 13.

-          If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know how much I care about DC statehood.  One positive outcome of the president’s disgraceful photo op and military show of force on June 1 was to attract more attention to D.C.’s second-class status and lack of representation.  Now the House of Representatives has, at last, scheduled a vote on H.R. 51 – it’s scheduled for June 26!  Read more:

o   Here:

o   Here:

o   And here:

Keep reading, keep the comments coming, and again:  Stay safe, stay determined.

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