Sunday, April 12, 2020

D.C. Disability Support Staff Keep Needing Masks…and other Important Information

I’m spending my Easter weekend making masks – but I can’t make enough all by myself, so I hope you’ll take time this Easter weekend/Passover season to make masks yourself, and send them along to one of the D.C. agencies whose direct support professionals are in need of a face covering.  This weekend I’ve made my masks from 100% cotton T-shirts, with a pouch (which already makes two layers) so a person can add a third layer – can be a paper towel or another layer of cloth:

And yes, I always wash the masks - in hot water - before sending!  The current, updated list of providers who need masks is here on the Quality Trust’s home page, here:

On another subject, Heidi Case, chair of D.C.’s Multimodal Accessibility Advisory Council (, has shared this information from the National Council on Independent Living and the Social Security Administration about who gets payments, and how, under the recent federal stimulus legislation:

And tonight, Heidi’s twice-a-week Disability/Senior Zoom group will be viewing “Crip Camp” ( together at 6:00 p.m.  If you’re interested in joining – tonight or another Sunday or Thursday - I’ll put you in touch with Heidi.

About ten days ago, Alison Whyte, Ricardo Thornton, and I (executive director, co-chair, and chair of the D.C. Developmental Disabilities Council - were interviewed over the phone by a journalist from Vox about how covid-19 is affecting people with disabilities.  Here’s the article:

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