Friday, February 7, 2020

Project ACTION! and an Important Healthcare Survey

An observant reader asked that I send an additional reminder about Saturday's (tomorrow's) Project ACTION! meeting (Feb. 8, 10-12, at the Kennedy Institute, 801 Buchanan St. NE).  This is an important monthly meeting of self-advocates, and worth every minute!

This month, after the meeting lunch will be provided, and then the Georgetown University School of Medicine’s Community Based Learning will hold a focus group on healthcare experiences - communication problems or other barriers - of people with developmental disabilities in our community.   The information they collect will help generate recommendations to improve education for healthcare providers in the D.C. area, so a good turnout will have a great payoff!

Come to the Kennedy Institute tomorrow!  Don't miss it - and don't miss next Tuesday either (see my last post, below) -

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