Wednesday, July 10, 2019

More on DDS Cancellation of the Georgetown Contract

Quick update:

·       In my last blog post (“Andy, You Need a Plan”) I wrote about cancellation of the DDS contract with Georgetown for health services.  In response to that blog post I received a response from Andy Reese, DDS director, which you’ll find in the Comments section underneath that post.  Andy’s views as expressed in that comment are his own – like you, I’ll be examining it to determine my further thoughts on the subject.

·       Also relevant is the fact that Brianne Nadeau’s committee of the DC council is planning a roundtable on this matter on July 23:

This issue is clearly creating  some serious buzz.  I happen to find myself in New Orleans at the moment so the weather is a bit on my mind.  You’ll hear more from me on this, I promise!

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