Thursday, February 8, 2018


You did it – WE DID IT.

On February 6, the D.C. council unanimously approved bill 22-0154, the Disability Services Reform Amendment Act of 2017 (formerly the Citizens with Intellectual Disabilities Civil Rights Restoration Act).

This was a hard slog, a years-long effort, to make the reforms in D.C. disability services that would allow court oversight to end – last year, with the closure of the Evans case, and now, for people with intellectual disabilities receiving support in the future.

This is an amazing accomplishment.  Now we can turn our faces squarely toward the future.

The bill itself is here:
and you’ll find the brief discussion and vote in the council here:
between 1:20:00 and 1:30:00.

Watch the short video and celebrate!  I know that’s what folks will be doing at this Saturday’s Project Action! meeting (10-12 Saturday, Feb 10 at the Kennedy Institute, 801 Buchanan St. NE).


  1. I'm happy for those of you who wanted this bill passed. For others who want to continue to keep their current attorneys and not change, I'm happy about that as well.

  2. Thank you for understanding that this one was a win-win. Now let's work together to make sure everyone has the supports they need and that we have a robust grievance process in place.


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