Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Holiday Season

This holiday is a good one for our family.  When I think back to this time last year, I couldn’t have predicted that would be the case, and I feel very thankful.  This blog is a way of trying to give something back for our good fortune.  

Some of you reading this may not be doing as well.  You may be struggling to get the supports you need to live the life you want.  You may be a family member, friend or other unpaid support struggling to help someone you care about and growing more tired and frustrated by the day.  You may very well not have time to make it to all the meetings you hear about in this blog, and I only hope you’re able to get to a computer to see this.  Not everyone can.  

A very big goal for me over the coming year is to try to get more information out to folks who can’t come to meetings on weekdays because they’re at work, can’t get transportation, or are just overwhelmed.  Information affecting you needs to be more routinely and easily available, and I raise this every chance I get.  Programs and services, even when they’re out there, aren’t worth a thing if folks don’t know about them, and seeing the need for change isn’t worth a thing if you don’t have the time or information to make that change happen.  I’m only one voice, but if you don’t know anything else this holiday season, please know that I’m a voice for you.  Happy holidays to you all.

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