Monday, October 6, 2014

Questions for the candidates

I've just submitted the following to the mayoral candidates:

I was formerly an executive in the federal government and am the parent of a young person with a developmental disability in the District.  Among my current advocacy efforts is a blog,, which addresses issues affecting D.C. citizens with developmental disabilities and encourages others to get involved in opportunities for reform.  I am not a journalist and this is an entirely volunteer effort on my part.  Your campaign’s answers to the questions below will be posted on my blog before the November 4 election:

-          What do you believe has been the District’s most significant accomplishment of the past five years to support adults with developmental disabilities?
-          What is your #1 priority once the Evans case has been closed?
-          As mayor, would you support reintroduction of the Developmental Disabilities Reform Act?  If so, why?  If not, why not?
-          Would you retain the current director of the Department on Disability Services if you are elected?  If not, what attributes would you look for in a new director?
-          As mayor, what specific work or educational initiatives would you promote for adults with developmental disabilities in the District?
-          Are there policies or practices in other jurisdictions with respect to adults with developmental disabilities that you would like to encourage in D.C.?

Thank you.

Carol A. Grigsby


  1. So I take it you never heard back from any of the candidates on these issues?

    1. Thanks for the question. As of today there have been no responses, even though I sent a follow-up reminder to the campaigns. This is a signal that they don't yet take us seriously as a constituency, and that needs to change.


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